As we strive for our dreams,

 Along the way assholes we meet,

Trample them with your feet,

Then stomp on them as you leave,

Don’t let people destroy your dreams,

Cause in the end its all we can give,

 As we believe our children will learn to live,

Don’t give in, dream, live,

When you stumble and fall

Don’t stay down too long,

Pick yourself up and say,

okay so I was wrong,

But tomorrow I will give it my all,

So the next time you and the asshole meet,

You can grin and say eat shit,

Cause me I have loved and lived,

No more do I live in fear,

I refuse to wallow in misery,

You have not got the better of me,

You were just a piece of shit,

I was unfortunate enough to meet.


This I wrote for H, Trex and D. Who inspire me everyday in everyway.

One comment

  1. I like this poem because I can relate to this. I’ve come across some really shitty people this week and quite frankly they’ve been total a**h****

    This poem has encouraged me. People and life may treat you like shit but we should never give up nor give in nor stoop down so low as to become like them.


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