The error of her ways

 She sits and prays,

That her husband’s anger has died away,


She knows she is truly a disgrace,

For chatting to her ex-workmate,


When she should have been cleaning the house,

And keeping it in a perfect state,


So when he comes home from work today,

She will thank him through swollen lips on a black and blue face,


For pointing out the error of her ways,

So she will never make the same mistake.


    1. Thank you The Hook. It’s always great to get postive feedback mostly because when I started posting my poems I felt they were so dark they might scare readers away.

  1. Oh when I read this, I think to myself, see, what I experienced wasn’t so bad. I was always very thankful that he did not do this to me or the children….but then I always wished he had done it just once so that I could show the world, his family what he was capable of. I hope this is not about you, but I feel for this person. Beautifully written from soul.

    1. Thank you for sharing with me. No this is not about me I am blessed with a good partner but this piece came from an incident I witnessed recently. It broke my heart that the person in the condition she was in, could still blame herself.


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