Arise my sister

Arise my sister from sleep,

homecoming bittersweet,

no mischievous smile,

or devilish grin,


Front lawn echoes,

of girlish shrill,

 juicy gossip

 and off key singing,


Soccer fields spur visions,

of bungled kicks,

hunky treats,

and Cola soft drinks,


Passing sidelong glances,

flirty winks,

haphazard cover stories,

 aahh your first love bliss,


life ushered us down

separate paths,

 different dreams

future’s beckoning


Christmas holidays

 stirs memories,

a tug, a pull to the home,

of which you dreamed


down the road,

across the stream,

my feet refuse,



 new images,

made from whispers,

from broken souls,

still pondering,


over broken walls,

piecing screams,


until silence reigned



locked outside

unable to stop,

the hell



one day,


I will begin,

my trek,


to say goodbye,

to the woman,

I never got to meet,


till then arise my sister

come and meet the children

 of whom

 I dreamed


Of all the poems I have written this was definately one of the hardest. I would love feedback on it. If any of you are willing to provide some.

Thank you Maiya


    1. I wrote and rewrote this so many times wanting to convey the sense of loss I felt when going back to my hometown and finding she was not there and finally settled on this one. If I was able to pass it along then I am glad.

  1. When I was reading it, I wondered if it was about losing a loved one, and the comments confirmed it. It is very sad, but sometimes the hardest things to say are the things that need saying the most.


  2. POWERFUL! reminds me a bit of Audre Lords stuff (RIP) she had the same sort of sneak up on you fierce that you do. If you have not read her do so quick quick! beautiful gut wrenching stuff; hers and yours. Peace, Jen

  3. The reality of abuse and violence grips so many with fear, often paralyzing their dreams and hopes, sometimes taking lives. This is very soul stirring and effectively written. I like it a lot.

    1. Thank you bluegem, Kevin and Iscottthoughts for taking the time to read my poems and leave feedback. Writing this poem was very hard this is the first time I faced the issue of the loss of the woman in this poem.


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