“Please daddy don’t hit me again”


There she stood,
little face etched in pain,
tiny tears running down her bruised face,

Neck bent back,
looking up,
trying so hard to contain,
all her fear,
inside her small frame,

“What’s my name?,” he roared down,
body shaking with rage,
hand raised just in case,

“Daddy, Daddy,”
she whimpered again and again,
body shivering as she fought hard,
not to look away,
incase it inflamed his rage,

In the corner,
her mother stood,
tears streaming down her face,
wringing her hands,
trying so desperately,
to gather up the courage,
to push her husband away,

The neighbor broke the door down,
seconds too late,
the five year old lay on the floor,
eyes staring into another place,

Her mother over her body wailed,
“oh why, oh why child did you have to say,
‘Please Daddy don’t hit me again’.”



  1. The poem leaves me aching for both the child and the mother. I feel pity, but I also feel anger. So much violence against children and women both in our culture and around the world. Thank you for writing about this.

    1. If I inspired you I am thrilled because the more people that write about this issue the better. Believe me when I say that readers comments inspire me to keep writing. Just knowing someone is reading drives me to write.

  2. I feel so deeply about this subject. I do not know how any man or woman can hit a child. To hit a child shake a baby to terrorize bruise and deflate a tiny person is beneath contempt. I had three sons all grown and flown, they all pushed me to my limits and beyond but I never hurt them . How could I one look into those eyes, nor could my husband it just defies belief but I know it is true because I worked in a children’s home for over 10yrs. That is such a wonderful poem.

    1. It is a subject I feel deeply about as well. While I do believe in disciplining my children. I hate people who use it as a method to vent their fustrations. I have seen it too often and write hoping it in someway can help.

  3. I can’t help wondering just how many children and adults there are who have gone down this road. Perhaps if we keep writing about it, more people will stand up to stop this madness.

    1. Hey Sandra, yes I believe writing might help and if one person stands up to stop this madness happening somewhere in the world then it is worth it.

  4. You remind me of myself here and millions of other innocents all around the world who could not speak up for themselves. Thank you for the courage to be a voice for those victims now by sharing this. Well written with stirring emotion.

  5. Wow, I agree with Step On a Crack. This poem is multidimensional and written with heartbreaking depth. I just read that today is the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women… and then I found your blog. Thanks so much for writing. It’s so powerful, and on so many levels. Blessings to you and all who visit you here.

  6. Beautifully written! The stark fear of the child is palpable as is the sorrow of the mother. the last line is so complex: the mother blaming the child in a way for her own beating. Very intense and well written. I am going to take some time to shake it. Poetry. Power. Peace to you, Jen

  7. I remember … but I don’t feel the pain you feel .. because it felt “normal” to me, when my disfunctional family was abusive like that … what do you do when you have nothing to compare … and when you are just an innocent little one … I’m an adult now, married, kids, happy. And still, there are flash backs of the past … but I keep them hidden away … somewhere in my heart. Thanks for having the courage to write about this, my new found sister … love you for this and wish you well. Love always, cat PS: Just a reminder: My main blog is: http://catsruledogsdroole.blogspot.com/ 🙂

  8. OOh my gosh, this is on another level of painful, the emotions streaming through this write are heartbreaking.. Thank you for sharing this..you made me cry a lil bit


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