Little boy on the street

Little boy on the street

 Little boy on the street,

worried about what to eat,

wondering where to sleep,

mom’s on the piss,

dad’s doing deals,

knows if he goes home,

he’s gonna be beat,

for telling about the drugs,

under the kitchen sink,

decides to turn a trick,

just one to meet his needs,

goes with a creep,

Who wants more than,

he’s prepared to give,

ends up 6 feet deep,

so his mama needs a drink,

and daddy do more deals,

to protect his sister,

from the streets.


  1. Wow. This is pretty damn sad. It really is sad. I have never ever ever ever been able to COMPREHEND how a man can have sex with a child – even when they pay for it in whatever country – how they can have sex with a CHILD, a CHILD. I have never never understood how they could cause such pain, disturbance, lifelong trauma,

    for an orgasm.

    1. I totally agree. Perverts who have sex with minors should be jailed for life regardless of country, culture, religion, circumstance or whatever excuse they find and use. They are evil, evil people.

  2. …an that’s the truth … short and (not) sweet … X – Mas is coming … yeah (not) … I know I’ll be looking for that little one and try and do something nice for at least a few of them … let’s share what we have … even if it’s a belly full of food … Love, cat.


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