Soul Sight

Soul Sight

Deep in the bog,

I did sleep,

covered with that,

that would make,

lesser men weep,

out I reached,

for that,

I could not see,

but my soul,


could and would be,

so I clawed,

dug and crawled,

still covered,

but free,

now I stagger,

mucky trail,

behind me,


I will walk,

In the distance,

I glimpse,

what once,

only my soul,

could see.


For everyone going through something. Whatever it may be.  

Jen, it’s the other way around.


 I going to break it up a little this year with a more pieces like this. I have images which I want to add but it depends on how good the internet signal is up here. After trying five times to add an image I took for this post and having to walk away, to count to 1000, so I wouldn’t throw out my laptop. I don’t think that’s going to happen often. So some nice stuff between the bad stuff. 

This is mostly because I am terrified of scarying you all away cause no one wants to read dark stuff all the time (I think) let me know what you think?


  1. Being who you are is bringing you support. I’m sure, that once in a while, the sun shines for you, if only for a short time. When it does, just let us know. In the meantime, write and heal ands don’t worry about your audience. Be yourself here of all places. 🙂

  2. Sometimes it’s really important to write the dark stuff. It lets it out. And often, other people can identify with it. Nobody is happy all of the time.

    It’s a beautiful poem.

  3. This poem, I like. Only the soul feels and sees what the body can’t. Language of the soul is deeper and goes beyond the utterances of mere words that we sometimes foolishly seek.

    1. Hello zumpoems, thank you for commenting on the rhyme and structure. I have never taken any formal poetry writing classes so love comments like this even bad ones (constructive ones pls). I ussually surf the net to learn about the different forms of poetry and terms. But always fall back to writing them this way. 🙂 Thank you so much.

  4. I love to break things up… part of life is not always the bright side. We have to be exposed to the dark and experience it in order to make sense of how to handle the bright. I have found we are measured by how we handle the tougher times.

  5. I am with Willowdot21. I know in my heart you are right; it just does not feel so now. You are a wordsmith visionary.

    Write what you know and what you need to heal and to be whole. Your poetry sings off the page, Maiya. Darkness leads to light, yes?

    I admire your writing so…

    XXX Jen

  6. Thank you for all your posts as far as dark well your insight and feelings in those times and the lessons learned and shared from them is inspiration to others to persevere and find the light of Love within… Be true to who you are and share what you feel! Thank you for sharing you and your Love! Happy New Year and may it be the best yet!

  7. I do hope that as you say those in the deep dark place, reach for the light. Maiya your poetry is just marvellous don’t change it would not be you. Be you be honest be Maiya XXXXXXX


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