Hear my silent plea,
wave your wand,
break the spell,
slay the specter,
that blooms inside of me,

a creature born,
from a single roar,
nurtured on many more,

fed on,
an eye-popping choke,
a bone cracking punch,
an icy cold knife tip,
on a wet trembling cheek,

gather your sword,
crash through the door,
vanquish the demon,
residing in me,

in the depths,
of me,

planting roots,
immobilizing me,

talons prick,
my heart,
I can barely breathe,

possesses me,

walking me back
when I need to flee,

binds my mouth,
when I should scream,


knock on my door,
see the perfection,
look into my eyes,
see this monster,
inside of me,

and save me.



  1. Powerful words Maiya. The last verse just says it all. As I’ve gained life experience I’ve realized how often perfection exists only to hide monsters. Thanks for visiting my blog and I’m truly happy to have found yours 🙂

    1. Yes when I see perfection I start wondering. But then again maybe thats my past playing with my mind. I will be back to your blog again my friend.

  2. Dear Maiya,

    ‘writing to heal..”

    You are healing more than just yourself my Friend. You ARE a Poet Warrioress. Your Poetry brings up pain that is stark and real and often hidden for me anyway. Thank you for using your Gift to help shine light where there was little before.

    This one… This one is tough. That means it is perfect…

    Peace to you my Poet Friend,


    1. Hello Cat, am not brave just writing to heal and if others can relate I am glad. Fear is an old friend. What happen to me is not as bad as others but it introduced me to fear.


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