Walking Talking Christmas Tree


In his eyes,
she sees a feed,
a walking talking,
Christmas tree,
all he wants,
is an hour,
or two or three,
to do anything,
he please,
in front of a camera,
so for a fee,
others can watch,
an innocent bleed,
for a pile of dough,
that makes her eyes glow,
he takes the baby,
her in tow,
to the hotel,
down the road,
past the beggars,
and the whores,
turns on the camera,
shuts the door,
while she tells another,
for the same amount,
when the 10yr old comes out,
he too can have a go

I wrote this in reaction to new story (link below) but I know this applies all over the world.


  1. Not sure about hitting the “Like” Button, but somehow want to signal my “Thumbs Up” sign, Maiya … thanks for posting this … I did read the link as well … this so sad … death penalty comes to mind … those individuals should be relatively easy to be tracked down, since theyoften have the need to use cameras, video and computers. Blessed be, my friend. Love, cat. ( http://catsruledogsdroole.blogspot.com/)

    1. I know what you mean about hitting the like button. When reading some of my fellow bloggers posts and the posts are heartwrenching I would love a button that doesn’t say “like”. I personally feel death is too good for people like this because their journey ends while for their victims it never will. They live with it day in day out. Unfortunately for PNG we don’t have the advance technology/ manpower, skills and funds as other countries to track all these animals. So most will escape or use their money to run. While I say that, I see a more interest in these issues then before so things seem to be getting better.

    1. They exist and if you read the article and from what I know they are quite blatent in their behaviour. A friend’s daughter was offered K20,000 to pose and she was in university I can only imagine how much for a child. For the average person here that is more than they will ever see. These people are monsters.


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