Stream of life,

flowing through me,

capsize for all to see,

the same in me,

as he,

did not he who made him,

make me,

didn’t the heart that molded him,

shape me,

the womb that carried him,

hold me,

cut this shroud that covers my bones,

the same as his own,

drum of life beating in me,

stronger in me,

than in he,

so why,


and not me


I am a woman so I belong to my husband’s people according to my custom.  In PNG it differs across the provinces. So everything my dad has will be passed to his sons. I can not go home to my village unless widowed  or divorced. While other woman have they are at the mercy of their brothers. As for me, I have found my own way. I am happy with my life but sometimes it hurts.

I tried to stay away but couldn’t. This is my outlet, this is my vent. Thank you for all your comments. I cherish them.


  1. Thank YOU for dropping by and for taking the time to comment. Coming from you it’s humbling. I love reading your blog! Sorry about the late reply lately I seem to be finding it hard to find the words to answer comments, or even write or leave comments on my friend blogs…maybe it’s time to take a break.

  2. Well you sure did compose a perfect poem for what has happened and continues to go on. Other customs continue to amaze me in a world that seems so up to date. Thanks

    1. Hey Mike, your part of the world is pretty up-to-date, here in towns and citys yes but where I live and in the rural areas differences are glaringly obvious. I love my most of my traditions just have issues with parts of it.

    1. 🙂 PNG is very culturally diverse, I absolutely love that part of it. I will have to post some positve poems before I turn everyone against my beautiful country.

  3. A wonderful poem Maiya. I am inspired by your incredible strength and am glad you are still here, writing, as we all benefit. But my heart weeps for you. Take care, be safe and well. ~ Julie

    1. I do not have incredible strength my friend. I bend and sometimes find it hard to face the world because I am a dreamer and wish things were different. What you see here is my way of release what I have so long held inside. Thank you for reading my friend.

  4. Dear Maiya,

    You are remarkable! Your gift with Words is a blessing; your strength is beyond inspiring. Your words give us all a window on the world and perspective.

    You are never far from my thoughts and are always in my Heart.

    ”Women hold up half the sky…’

    Half? No. Almost all. You prove that.

    Take care, blessings and Peace to you and your family,


    1. Hey Jean,
      Here is some links as you asked for. The first link is of a women’s bill that we hoped which would be passed giving women representation in parliament. The united nations welcomed the move.
      however recent political turmoil has caused the bill to fail to get the votes it required the link below

      Women have not given up just regrouping.

      I have some links under my blogroll but will add more updated ones. Thank you for caring enough to ask my friend.

    1. It will change my friend. That I’m sure of. There are amazing people both men and women who are working so hard on changing our laws to include women in our Parliament. It is a matter of time. Our new government seems to have a heart for the people and there is a feeling of hope. Thank you for dropping by.

    1. Hey Terri, thanking you for caring my friend. I am fine now I decided a long time ago to accept it and move on. Poetry is wonderful it helps me vent and now I found it builds bridges. It has now helped me meet wonderful, inspiring people.

  5. Hello Maiya.
    You make me count my blessings.
    Our country has many faults but women are fiercely independant.
    Having said that I must correct myself.
    Our land has many different cultures and in some of them the woman is still subservient.
    Stay strong my friend and vent all you want.

  6. Why is life so cruel, why are cultures so unbending, why do men always make these laws cultural and state?? How can one be at the mercy of family ( that is a rhetorical question I know the answer) I am so sad that you have had to find your way for such a bad, sad reason but I am delighted that words have been your saviour ! I love your poems and writings God bless you which ever form your God takes he/she loves us all.HUGS!! xxxxx

    1. Hey Willow, I was sad for a longtime and angry but not anymore. Strangely I am, in a way glad, it has made me a better person, friend and mother.

    1. That we are my friend! We have the power to dictate our destiny and through how we live..will influence the lives of our children and they their children. Yes we are powerful.

  7. Oh Maiya I so get you sis…there are many cultures including indian where girls are considered someone elses “property” and after marriage a boy can and will carry his fathers name even if he has never cared for them and a girl cannot ……the gender discrimination which starts from womb and remains till she is alive is painful..
    thank god I come from a liberal and well educated family where there are no gender,class caste or religion based biases or discriminations
    but a lot of girls ( in India) are considered a burden and this gives rise to female infanticides too

    1. I love this cyberworld. Across the mountains and ocean, I find friends who know and understand. Different cultures but similar issues. I do believe education is the key to opening minds, changing hearts and views. It will happen but it will take time. I often wonder how we can preserve our culture and do away with discrimination. For the most part I love my culture and am proud of it. Just bits like this one. Luckily in other parts of the PNG women are in charge of the land and the men are caretakers. Nobody loses. I was born into a part that men are the caretakers and incharge. I know of villages where forward thinking elders have nominated their daughters as elders. But I can not wait for that to happen. I accept my lot and my parents made sure I was educated so I could fend for myself if the need arose. I am also surrounded by fiece, proud, independent like minded friends so they are my support system. My Partner and I have created our own path – hard yes but life was not meant to be easy- and we pass on the traditions that don’t make our girls feel they are second class. 🙂

  8. I am glad that you have found your own way, but it still must be painful to be unable to return to your home village. Being able to express your heart on your blog must be a good way for you to deal with that pain.

    1. It is painful when I think about it. I can return home to visit but I find I am filled with resentment so I choose to stay away. Rather then pining for what I can not have. I reach for what I can and pray I am a good example for my daughters so they too can to reach and know that in this day and age your sex does not determine what you can or can not do.


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