Attemped Coup in Papua New Guinea

To my dear Jen and all my friends.

I am fine. We all are. I have been sitting monitoring all day glued to the TV and listening to the radio. When I got an email about Jen’s new post on her blog

Thank my dear dear friend for your prayers and thoughts.

I deleted the first post I wrote upon advice to tread carefully.  I was told  not to incit worry and panic.  If anything deleting the post incited more worry then writing it. I should have known better.  To my friends overseas I am sorry. 

Yesterday there was an attempt coup.

These are links that Jen had on her blog,

Soldiers oust PNG defence chief amid power struggle

Mutiny Leader Demands New Papua New Guinea Gov’t

While they say it is over, in Papua New Guinea you learn early on in life to expect the unexpected. So I’ll wait to see what happens.

I sit here wondering how long my fellow country men & women will take it before they start doing instead of watching. It doesn’t take long for unrest to spread.

Two men fighting over who is the Prime Minister while a country needs to be rubbish.  

Thank you for your prayers. Yesterday we prayed as well over the phones, with our neighbours and with our families.

The clowns

Up on the tree sits several clowns,

bring them down,

oh bring them down,

minions sit at their feet,

catering for their every whim,

swinging from tree to tree,

at the stump,

faceless weep,

in the villages,

in the streets,

begging for their every need,

Up on the tree sits several clowns,

bring them down,

oh bring them down.

In all honesty I am so deeply angry and I think a lot of my fellow country people are as well.

May God be with you always.

Thank you again,



  1. Maiya I was so worried about you , I thank God you are okay . Keep your head down do not be too heroic live to stand up another day. I am praying for you and your family! Your poem is perfect these monkeys are in every country and on every continent. I pray they all get sorted before it is too late! I am so glad to see you here!! XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

    1. Hey Willow, don’t worry I flee when it comes to situations like this…I am the sort who would likes watching the action from a distance. 🙂 So no heroic feats from me. :-). Thank you for everything

  2. So GOOD to hear you are well! I was worried. I had a friend working for Voice of America based in Africa during the Eygyptian overthrow. It was scary for him to cover as a journalist; I can not imagine living it.

    Can you tell me your opinion? What do you wish for? Reading the powerful poem above, I am assuming you want new leadership BUT

    Assumptions are silly things…

    You are a Warrior Queen. You are an inspiration.

    Take good care my friend!

    XO Jen

    1. Heyyy my friend, I do want a new leadership. I read today that the PM in charge at the moment is calling for early elections. Which I think is great, we will get to have our say.

  3. Maiya, I’m keeping all of you in my thoughts and prayers; and sending you light and love. Be safe, be well. ~ Julie


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