In Bed with Me #2

In my bed

 we lie,

all three of we,


a clone,

a ghost,

 and me,


pain roars for battle,


my unseen enemy,


to inflict,

the same,

 as was

dealt to me,


my spirit prances,

eager for a war,


before it begins.


against an apparition,

for a clone,

I do not know,


we dine,

my bond,

his shackles,

next to me,


across from me,

beside the moon and stars,

he sits,


a mannequin,

blood red,

 painted on grin,


I touch,

 but do not feel,


I speak,

 He grins,


here we lie,

a clone,

 lying beside,

a ghost,

who lies,

 next to me






  1. Holy Smokes! Maiya, this is beautiful and dark and sadly I suspect, global in nature. I believe I can relate to this. I bet WAY to many of us can.

    I love that about your Poetry: it REACHES us.

    XO Jen

  2. How wonderfully you express the pain of being haunted by a third, and to you uninvited person! I have been there , I know well the partner who is with you in body but not in mind and how it hurts when they are not with you and you know( and I mean know not fear ) that they are not where they have told everyone they are but with another. You like me have strength we grow through this! Peace and love to you Maiya xxxxx

    1. It is the knowing part that got me the most. I am glad it is all behind me. You’re right we do grow. Stronger and wiser. Thank you my dear friend.


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