The Trail of Tears

The Trail Of Tears

From the mountains,

across the sea,

through the plains,

along the beach,

they trudge endlessly,

along the trek,


through raging river,


shoulder deep,

on their shoulders,

skyhigh load unseen,




for the gates,

at his feet,

they sit,

they wait,

for men,

with the chisels,

for the sculpters,

as far as,

 the eye can see,

over the fallen,

past the weary,

along the trail,

carved by thousand tears.


No more anti government comments from me.

 I wonder why anyone would want to make any bad comments about the Papua New Guinea Government. They after all have our best interest at heart. They know all our needs and work effortlessy to provide them. That is why we voted them in.

I never met Ms.A who had a 1 week old child who was having an asthma attack and had to sit at the market with her sick child on her lap while she sold enough vegetables to make enough to catch a public transport to the nearest clinic just a few kilometres away to pay for the fee to get her child seen too. Then sat hungry for three days while her child got the treatment she needed until kind hearted people helped her out.


Ms. B who show me this a court order to go back to the man who left her 5 years ago for another woman and has not been around and is now  suffering from a illness he refuses to disclose what it is to her. His other women has left.

I never met these people. In this beautiful country where our fearless leaders care for our wellbeing. These type of situations don’t exist.

Okay enough spreading the love…..what can I say it’s all good here.


  1. Maiya, believe. You are a talented poet and in the few words you write you display your courage and all we can do is pray for you. Those of us who visit here have been offered a window into a world we probably didn’t know about before. We can never share your pain fully – we are from other societies – but we can urge you to be brave but stay safe. Don’t expose yourself. Your posts may become fewer but we’ll still be here supporting you. We love what you do.

    1. SMM, the word “believe” in your comment…helped wipe the fog from my mind like rain on a windshield. I have said it before and say it again thank you for being here.

    1. Hello my dear friend, have been trying to sort out the jumbled mess in my head. Today is a better day..will pop over shortly for a visit to you.

    1. Hey ShimonZ, i pray for the same too..but sadly yesterday our government passed a bill allowing them to suspend our judges..another bad sign. Thank you for being here..thank you for reading

  2. Maiya, I read your last three posts that I have missed. You always touch my heart and inspire me which is why I hope you will accept the Very Inspiring Blog award. I didn’t notice that you had one among the others. I have mentioned you on my new post. If there is a problem with the copy and paste let me know. The pics look funny on my post for some reason. Thank you so much for being an inspiraton to so many people!!

    1. Thank you so so very much my friend, you know when I started this blog. I never thought I would inspire anyone. A friend and I had sat for months discussing ways for me to publish my poems. Mostly so I could drive away the helplessness that seemed to linger. Thank you again.

    1. Thank you Nita, these few months have been one hell of a ride that I felt an old friend, Writer’s block, rearing her head. So I am glad that you were able to connect to this poem.

    1. Willow, my dear friend. I have been sitting here wondering wether I should give up blogging. Is it worth getting in trouble over. Then I remember here we make a lot of laws and say a lot of stuff but never follow through. So I figured I should be fine. 🙂 Praying for you as well.

  3. I know about the trail of tears as well … but I refuse to be a victim anymore … not to anyone ever … I’d rather be a proud beggar woman eating out of garbage cans in the back of restaurants …

    1. Jen, courage I am learning from you. Reading about how you face your past helps me face mine. Thank you Warrior Poetess friend. 🙂 I get what you mean about your poetry being so personal. I feel the same about my short stories. I feel exposed when I publish them. I feel like it’s open season on me. So I don’t publish many only a few.


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