Maybe they will listen now…

Maybe they will listen now…

No words…not today




        1. Fortunately I live outside of the main cities and towns but I am worried about everything that is going on on our political scene and I find that I want to do something to help, problem is I live in the bush. 🙂

  1. I think it might be better to reach a broader audience, Maiya. Write a factual journalistic article for ie. Huffington Post …see web site or a very large alternative blog that has a strong readership across North America.

    Seriously consider submitting something in writing/proposal to them. Poetry is great but the bigger audience to educated needs a strong news piece with names of key people in Papa New Guinea.

  2. The situation sounds terrible. I hope there will be changes soon, but it usually takes a long time, especially when these behavior patterns are part of the culture. But you are playing your part too, in bringing awareness to a lot of people… and I have no doubt that eventually, the people of your homeland will realize that there are better ways to live.

    1. Oh ShimonZ, my people are friendly, wonderfully people what makes me sad is this aspect. And what your saying is true it will take a long time and with all the political issues we have, domestic violence issues get lost and forgotton.

      1. Somehow, friendly and wonderful people does not go so easily with the picture I’ve been getting from your blog. Maybe you ought to write a little about the positive sides of your country, just so people could get a better balanced picture.

  3. I can understand your frustration and heavy heart but when one stops writing, it is one less voice that can be heard. Even if it seems like no one is listening. In my relatively comfy home in America, I hear nothing about Papua New Guinea. It wasn’t until I stumbled across your blog that my ears were open.
    Please don’t stop writing, you are educating and awaking people you don’t even know you are reaching.


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