In the corner of my soul,
a rising sun,
I see the rays,
though they,
have yet to reach here,
dark clouds drift in,
over the horizon,
threaten to cover,
the promises of tomorrow’s,
I need walk,
to catch,
those promises,
I must climb,
to reach them,
go down,
into the valleys,
I must and,
find my way,
into the sun.

Yesterday my abuser was taken to hospital. He is dying. I was asked to help him financially. An idea I find repulsive. I have felt the peace forgiveness brings but it seems so hard.


  1. wooww!! To forgive is to free yourself from the clenches of your captor( your abuser).. but i do not think paying for his bills is something that i would do personally.. but i have yet learn to forgive and forget, only the forgive part.. your poem is beautiful, it shows that you still have hope, the sun shall shine in your heart once more soon!! 🙂 all the best

  2. Maiya, thank you for your beautiful poetry. I hope that sorrow for you becomes obsolete. I stopped by to give you the Readership Appreciation Award. It is on my latest post so just save and use it when you have time. Thinking about you and wishing the best for you. Terri

  3. Maiya,

    My heart is with you and my prayers are on my lips. I am so sorry that you need to go through this. YOU will write your way out. I know you will.

    “there is no way out but through…”

    This poem is one foot out the door….

    Love, Jen

  4. Forgiveness is different than helping the person you have forgiven. Forgiveness, to me, is about healing and moving on; freeing yourself from the burden of those memories. Of course, sometimes it means that you continue a relationship – but it doesn’t have to. Only you have the answer; but in my mind you shouldn’t feel obligated to help out an abuser, just because you have forgiven the abuse.

  5. It’s a fine poem. We have to be ready to forgive… if ever. It has to come from inside of us, and when we are ready… and till then, those that advise us to do good deeds. let them stand and be tested. It seems to me, even though I don’t really know enough about your circumstances… but it seems to me that this request is ill placed.


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