Walk on,

my feet,

quaver but keep on,


be my walking stick,


my footwear,

Walk on,

my feet,


my guiding light,

trip but keep on,

Walk on,

Keep on,

Up or down,


Walk on.


I sit here under my mosquito net typing this post while all around me, my family sleep.

I wish sleep would come. I wish my heart stopped aching. I wish for many things.

A month ago a young family member came for my help. She came with a story of an older family member sexually harassing her.

She is thirteen. He is in his late 30’s. They live in the same house despite most of my family insisting we solved it in-house I pushed for it to be reported to the police.

So we went down and reported the matter. She came down and went through the interviewing etc. They told us to move her so we did. They told us they would come and arrest him so we waited and waited.

We went down again only to find out the first complaint was never filed. We had to file another one.

During that time he threatened her with a knife and stalked her.

As time went we realised she needs a lot of help. Help, we are not able to give. We went to Social Welfare only to be told time and time again they were in meetings.

Every night he circled the home we moved her too. He brings her gifts; treats; and cash. He sees nothing wrong in what he is doing.

Three days ago it reached boiling point and we went back down to the police station. They told us TO DEAL WITH HIM OURSELVES and bring down to the police station ourselves because they had no fuel to come up and find him.

It seems that because no actual penetration happened it’s not a serious case even though he did attempt to force her to service him orally.

He is on the run now after another family member exploded and punched him when he said he was in ‘a relationship’ with the child.

So now he is out there..a Mary Jane addict who has threatened to kill this child and no real help for the child insight.

So where do we go? How do we help this child? HOW MANY CHILDREN REACHED OUT FOR HELP BUT NEVER GOT IT? So many questions…so I wrote this to keep on going…I must!!




  1. Oh. No. I am SO sorry and I hope that a concrete resolution has been found. The trouble is we both know that the young woman will walk with this forever. I wish you Peace and Healing as always my Friend.

    XO Jen

  2. The indifference by the authorities is truly appalling. But it reflects a deeper attitude toward women and children. It’s a worldwide problem. I hope the young girl finds a place of safety, and your grieving heart is comforted.

  3. wooww!! OOh my i just dont know what to say right now!! Fury has literally engulfed me and i have no words to explain it..All i will say is thank you for sharing this and i hope this despicable sorry excuse of a man is caught sooner rather than later..

  4. I pray that God gives you and your family strength through these troublesome times. How sick society has become these days, how indifferent those in authority are to this situation and how many countless perverts like this walk around freely because the cries of the innocent are not heard.

  5. What can I say to help what can I do , you are so brave and so strong and this ignorant self seeking man feels he is doing no wrong ! Your Police sound useless your social workers worse! I grieve for this situation. All I can do is pray …and believe me I will.xxxxx

  6. Oh my gosh, I am hurting for your family and that poor girl. The police reaction, the indifference, the situation that started it – all appalling.
    I am glad you write and get your story out, her story out.


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