My Words have flown away


Forgive me my friends but my words seem to have left me.  Please bear with me. I will be posting some of my old poems I dug up.


I will remember you

I will remember you,

every day,

no photos or keepsakes,

But I will remember you make no mistake,

How can I forget,

When my heart has carved,

an image of your face,

When my nose picks up your scent,

everywhere everyday,

When my heart reaches for you,

and is left wanting,

when it feels emptiness in your place,

When my ears long for your whisper,

your chuckle,

your roar,

I will remember you,




  1. Maiya – You’ll be just fine….I love your style and your thoughts and ramblings….reality and its problems can sometimes stifle the thoughts we’d like to have….you are a good writer. I get mad at myself when I’m in the mood to write and nothing seems to inspire me when I know, in fact, so much in life, does. To me, life is ‘time frames’ and every little particle of life is in one. Keep up the good heart! My best to you……tom at The Poet’s Crafts

    1. “reality and its problems can sometimes stifle the thoughts we’d like to have….” Thank you summed it up! I’m itching to write but it’s just not flowing. So I’m waiting until my missing words come back. Thank you for taking the time to drop in and leave a comment. 🙂 Maiya

  2. Maiya, what a beautiful poem. God called my paternal grandfather home this week, and your poem puts my emotions into words. Thank you for sharing it.


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