From The Hearts Of Innocents #2


Legs are for walking
Hands are for writing
Brains are for thinking
Knees for kneeling
Enough is enough
Stop violence

Elizabeth Wilmot 10 years Old

These poems were written by students when they were asked to write poems for the National Krai day. On this day last week women and children all around Papua New Guinea rallied to protest against the increasing levels of domestic and sexual violence in PNG.

I was surprised by the number of children at our little march in my town. I spoke to several and was saddened by a couple of stories. I was so caught in how domestic violence affected women that I missed the children.

One child told me when his father hit his mother he would shoot him with his catapult (all the while tears streaming down his face). An act which often led to redirecting his father’s rage to him giving his mother a chance to escape. I wanted to take his photo but couldn’t in case of putting him in more trouble.


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