Marble walls all around me

If they could see,
would they see me?

Plush carpet under me

If it could feel,
would it feel me?


In order to make ends meet I have gone back to work.

My job requires long hours and is mentally draining.

While I would love to keep writing but reality means I need to juggle which I am not really good at.

So my posts might be more irregular than they already are.

I’m sitting outside my office all dressed up and like a plastic doll with a painted on grin.

One comment

  1. sorry about the painted grin… how perfect it would be, if it was an all knowing real grin… but work is important. making a living is important. And where there is a true force of nature… like the lava that forces its way from under the earth through the skin of this planet to erupt in a volcano, so the human expression will push through all the walls and limitations… the rules, and the politeness of considerate folks… and force its way out like a volcano… and be heard. Wishing you all the best.


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