About Me

Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, “I will try again tomorrow.”
Mary Anne Radmacher

I write to rage, to rant, to rave. I write to mourn, to wallow in self pity. I write to question, but most of all I write to mend.

Where ever you are, whatever your circumstances never give up.


  1. These are horrible, horrible statistics. That bit about accused of sorcery is just horrific. I mean, IN THIS DAY & AGE? Just horrific.

    Stay safe x.

  2. I think it might be valuable to somehow summarize in a blog post that is non-poetic with some links to studies…on why domestic violence is so prevalent in Papau New Guinea.

    Has it always been like this for centuries? Or within the last few decades escalating?

    No doubt, we have it. In my city, the police reported 16,000 calls last year. Our city is 1 million people.

    However I know many families not having domestic violence at all. It is foreign to them. My parents have never hit one another. Yes, kids did occasionally get spanked when we were young. And yelled at often enough. But that pretty well sums it up for my immediate family.

    My sisters and myself have consciously chosen partners who didn’t hit us. This alone I know. And I can trace it back…to having a firm, but kind father. (He is currently dying of cancer @84 yrs.)

    My mother was a picture bride, she never met my father in person before she married him. But I know she knows how incredibly lucky she is to have married a guy who didn’t beat her.

  3. Hi Maiya, I’ve nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award, Congratulations! – please visit my blog for more information ~ Julie 🙂

  4. I’m shocked by the PNG statistics on domestic violence.
    Do you personally know others in such predicaments. I hope the best for you and loved ones.

    1. Almost every woman, I know has been touched by domestic violence in some way. Some more then others. For so long it was seen as a domestic issue (before it became a crime) so the police never stepped in that it became a norm. People don’t see whats all the fuss about, when you say “this is wrong”, because most have gone through it. I guess I’m sensitive so I feel utterly powerless. Writing about it makes me feel I can contribute in someway which takes the sense of helplessness away.

  5. Hi Maiya,

    I nominated you for the Liebster Award because I enjoy your blog, and I think you have something important to say. It looks like you have lots of awards, so don’t feel pressured to respond. Do it only it you want to.

    If you do, these are the rules:

    *Thank the blogger who bestowed the award.
    *Pass it on to five other bloggers, who must have fewer than 200 followers.
    *Notify the nominees.
    *Display the award on your blog.

    Looking forward to more of your posts.

  6. I have nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award because you bring into light the sad plights of the voiceless, thank you for your contributions to society.
    Specifics are on my blog and have a wonderful holiday!

  7. I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! Come to my blog and see what you need to do for it.

  8. Your poetry is really soulful and brilliant. Thanks for letting me know about your blog. I really appreciate your lovely comment on my blog. 🙂

    1. Thanks Nandini, I’m glad I stumbled on your blog. I liked your photography so much I subscribed. So you will be seeing much more of me. 🙂

    1. hello Single Malt Monkey,
      nice to meet you and thank you for dropping in. I know what you mean about my writing. Sometimes I’m happy other times I’m in the depths of despair and it can be seen in my poetry. Thanks for not being frightened away and jumping on board.

  9. Thank you for subscribing to my site, i did likewise for you.

    I have 4 or 5 poetry blogs linked to me i can give you them if you wish and swap blogrolls with them , you will get a lot of hits and more subscribers then.



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