20yr old woman burnt infront of hundreds of onlookers after being accused of being a witch


Who to pick,
Who to blame,
Who to burn,
Who to maim,

Quick pick a witch

Who to pay for the source of all our pain


Absolutely heartbreaking and sadly all to common. My heart goes out the women’s family.

Type in Papua New Guinea on twitter for more articles. The UN and US embassy in Port Moresby have condemed it.

Th article below is taken from the New York times website, they even have a photo.

Villagers turned on the young mother, 20, after relatives of a 6-year-old boy who died last week accused her of sorcery

PORT MORESBY, Papua New Guinea — A mob stripped, tortured and bound a woman accused of witchcraft, then burned her alive in front of hundreds of horrified witnesses in a Papua New Guinea town…

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