poems about children

Perfect Me

You don’t seem to see,
anything wrong with me,

You don’t care,
about the extra bulges here and there,

You kiss my cheek,
whether or not I’ve brushed my teeth,

You beam at me as if,
I am everything,

You trust me with your important things,
from teddy bears to special hair pins,

It doesn’t matter what I wear,
as long as I am there,

You hold my hand no matter where,
who cares who stares,

I’ll horde every memory,
as slowly you’ll realize the world is bigger then me

and perfect me will

no longer be.


Was looking through my writing stash and found this.

I know all you parents can relate.

Little boy on the street

Little boy on the street

 Little boy on the street,

worried about what to eat,

wondering where to sleep,

mom’s on the piss,

dad’s doing deals,

knows if he goes home,

he’s gonna be beat,

for telling about the drugs,

under the kitchen sink,

decides to turn a trick,

just one to meet his needs,

goes with a creep,

Who wants more than,

he’s prepared to give,

ends up 6 feet deep,

so his mama needs a drink,

and daddy do more deals,

to protect his sister,

from the streets.