poems about heartache


 Stream of life,

flowing through me,

capsize for all to see,

the same in me,

as he,

did not he who made him,

make me,

didn’t the heart that molded him,

shape me,

the womb that carried him,

hold me,

cut this shroud that covers my bones,

the same as his own,

drum of life beating in me,

stronger in me,

than in he,

so why,


and not me


I am a woman so I belong to my husband’s people according to my custom.  In PNG it differs across the provinces. So everything my dad has will be passed to his sons. I can not go home to my village unless widowed  or divorced. While other woman have they are at the mercy of their brothers. As for me, I have found my own way. I am happy with my life but sometimes it hurts.

I tried to stay away but couldn’t. This is my outlet, this is my vent. Thank you for all your comments. I cherish them.