poems about strength

Soul Sight

Soul Sight

Deep in the bog,

I did sleep,

covered with that,

that would make,

lesser men weep,

out I reached,

for that,

I could not see,

but my soul,


could and would be,

so I clawed,

dug and crawled,

still covered,

but free,

now I stagger,

mucky trail,

behind me,


I will walk,

In the distance,

I glimpse,

what once,

only my soul,

could see.


For everyone going through something. Whatever it may be.  

Jen, it’s the other way around.


 I going to break it up a little this year with a more pieces like this. I have images which I want to add but it depends on how good the internet signal is up here. After trying five times to add an image I took for this post and having to walk away, to count to 1000, so I wouldn’t throw out my laptop. I don’t think that’s going to happen often. So some nice stuff between the bad stuff. 

This is mostly because I am terrified of scarying you all away cause no one wants to read dark stuff all the time (I think) let me know what you think?