Lovemaking Soulbreaker

She bites down to stop moans escaping

 nauseating lips brush down her neck  past bruises on her back,

 She holds her breath waiting,

 repulsive stench of alcohol fills her nostrils saturating her whole being

 He caresses her cheeks,

 he has slapped repeatedly

 Tenderly traces her nose,

 he makes bleed frequently

 She twitches as he strokes and caresses

over and past fresh bruises left by pounding fists

His pace quickens so does she,

she moves carefully to protect ribs kicked recently

She moves to meet him,

incase he thinks she’s faking this

Moans and groans burst forth finally free,

timed and building to release

 Together they soar,

 to compliment his masculinity

 “Was it as good for you as it was for me,” he whispers ever so tenderly


I was hesitant on posting this piece. Anyway here goes.  Pls Let me know if you get it.


A woman’s greatest anguish

Infidelity not a woman’s greatest anguish,
Hurting an innocent which was hers to keep,
Will bring her crashing to her knees,
Rage a creature forming within,
Madness oozing through cracks on her skin,
Caused by the lava like pain within,
Pricks of pain rip holes through soul and brain,
Hate streaming through her veins like a runaway train,
Torture, once never in her wildest dreams,
Dances in the brain like puppet on strings,
Even with the devil slain,
Pieces of the innocent she must collect and glue together again.